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Change the author of all commits

git filter-branch -f --env-filter "GIT_AUTHOR_NAME='yourname'; GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL='youremail@example.com'; GIT_COMMITTER_NAME='yourname'; GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL='youremail@example.com';" HEAD;

Note: if you are using the code above remember to update the placeholders with your own information.

git push --force origin master

Update Global Git Config

Spent about 8 hours between last night and this morning trying to setup my GPG keys for Github to sign my git commits but I ended up just breaking and fixing my global git configurations. It hadn’t at all crossed my mind to try to edit the configuration directly or try to view a list of all current global configurations.

So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation and you want to see all global configurations or edit your global git configs you can use the commands below.

View a list of all global git configurations:git config --global --list
Edit your global configurations: git config --edit --global

React Native Typography

Coming for web to ReactNative it was a bit of a surprise that ReactNative didn’t have a way to manage Typography and font hierarchy (out of the box) similar to the web.

However with this node package from Hector Garcia managing Typography in React is a easy as npm i react-native-typography.


Your ideas are nothing more than a plan of action; a plan of action, that in most cases, you hope will bring about a successful result.

That’s why it’s so easy to create them. Once you start having ideas it’s hard to stop them.

There is no measuring stick for the value of an idea or predictor of its future success. Things start changing as soon as you start building. It’s why it’s impossible to steal because, like plans, they must constantly adapt to survive out in the wild.

“Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth.”

Mike Tyson

That’s also why an idea by itself is worthless. 

However, combined with successful execution your idea may change the world. 

An idea for a payment platform, an idea for a mobile game, an idea for a social network. So many good ideas. Relax…. No one is going to steal them.

Maybe your idea is different, maybe you know something that everyone else doesn’t. Maybe you have a secret weapon that will set you apart from other similar ideas.

NO ONE CARES! People already have their own ideas; so many to
ponder ! Too many to execute.

So it’s ok to talk about your ideas; it’s then, more likely to become something more. Now the pressure is on! It’s all on you… you don’t want to look like a liar. You told everyone your idea last year and then never did anything with it. Now you’re saying that you’re starting to do this new thing that will probably also never amount to anything more than an idea.

If your idea is truly revolutionary people are going to think you’re crazy. 

So share them. Build on them. Learn from them. That’s what ideas are for.

Great ideas aren’t successful overnight. So good luck with them.